Barefoot shoes are foot friendly and foot shaped! The natural foot is wide, flexible and sensory – with 200,000 nerve endings on the soles of your feet providing your brain with all the information it needs for skilful movement. Vivobarefoot soles are stable, strong and ultra-thin; precisely engineered to maximise all that useful sensory feedback by minimising interference between your feet and the ground.

All Vivobarefoot soles (except the Ultra) have a patented Pro 5 puncture resistant layer, with up to 5x the puncture resistance of other minimal shoe brands.

Sadly, it isn’t possible for Vivobarefoot soles to be entirely puncture proof without compromising on the barefoot experience, and we wouldn’t to do that!

Because Vivobarefoot soles are designed with the true nature of your feet in mind, it’s only natural that they make a variety of soles to provide you (and your kids) the barefoot experience wherever you find yourself – from the trail, to the city or the office.

For the Vivobarefoot full range of soles, please view the sole index.

When possible, it’s best to use natural products for cleaning and weather protection. Soapy cold water beats a washing machine when it comes to Vivobarefoot performance shoes.

It’s all a matter of personal preference. On a cold day, for instance, you might appreciate a pair of Vivobarefoot Thermal Insoles. Vivobarefoot recommend lightweight, non-restrictive socks, but they aren’t required if you’re sock averse. Vivobarefoot believe that the ideal barefoot experience is insole free, but no one’s watching, so the decision is yours!

The product pages will let you know if a shoe comes with a pair of our performance, thermal or everyday cork insoles, and they’re all available individually.

Yes, but it’s best for any transition to be gradual and supervised by a medical professional, especially if you’ve been using corrective footwear.

Vivobarefoot recommend their Everyday shoes as an entry point, for everything besides long walks and running.

Because Vivobarefoot pay more for less! Their commitment to minimal shoes that are perfect for feet demands material of the highest quality, and an awe-inspiring level of care and craftsmanship is put into each shoe.

Vivobarefoot Size Guide is here to help! Vivobarefoot shoes fit 'big' deliberately – they call this ‘the rule of thumb’. Your toes need wiggle room! This is especially important for running. If you can fit your thumb in-between the end of your toe and the front of the shoe, you’ve more than likely found your ideal size.

After some time with our shoes, your shoe size may need to increase, as your toes splay out more naturally.

Vivobarefoot don’t currently have that kind of capacity! Thanks to the nature of their shoes however, we find that everyone is generally able to find a size that works for them. Insoles are great to assist with creating the perfect fit.

This often comes down to materials and production. For example, you may find Vivobarefoot Wild Hide ranges seems slightly smaller, a result of the (initial) tightness of the leather, especially compared to a flexible mesh running shoe.

If your shoe feels a little tight, you may find that removing your insole will give you all the extra room you need!

Most of Vivobarefoot leather comes from ‘wild hide’, free roaming cattle reared by families and communities in and around Ethiopia.

Vivobarefoot is always on the lookout for more durable and sustainable alternatives however, they are working towards a circular economy, where new stuff is made from existing stuff, and minimal virgin resources are tapped.

Vivobarefoot is proud to work with Pittards, PLC, who have a 200 year history of expertise and innovation.

Vivobarefoot are in the process of moving their main production lines from China to Vietnam. They have offices in Ethiopia and Portugal too.

Vivobarefoot only work with factories and suppliers of the utmost integrity, and they never compromise their code of conduct or their standards, which are governed by the ILO. They are always striving to improve.